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100% Good Quality FLAT /FLAT and Point – 100 pieces per pack Pushing Back Cuticles and Cleaning Under Nails Made from natural wood These cuticle sticks are selected from sustainable sources Especially designed for manicure care purposes.The wooden cuticle stick is a better alternative to plastic or metal sticks, which can be too harsh for the nail bed.

. Description: wooden orange stick, manicure nail wooden sticks

Hygienic and environmental-friendly

Material: birch wood

Packing: 100 pc/ bag

Type: . two sides slant

The flat end is great for pushing cuticles, and fits under cuticles and nails easily for detailed work.

The pointed end allows you to reach into the toughest, smallest spots.

It is also excellent for picking up nail art (just dampen the tip) and nail polish clean-up.

The sticks are also phenomenal for precision work when applying wax under eyebrows.



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